NVM competition will be organized in Theater Forum on the 23rd of february from 6pm till 9pm. Get your tickets now from lippu.fi.

Nordiska Visuella Mästerskapet

- Innovative sign language song contest

This event has gotten its inspiration from nordic performers, song contests as well as Talent-shows and of course Eurovision, which had been interpreted in sign language and showcased fantastically on Sweden's SVT!


Now for people who use sign language in signing and performing there will be a Nordic song contest. Two performers from each Nordic country will get to pursue the first NVM victory of all time!


If you are a talent from Nordic country (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland), send your performance videos to NVM website. Public in each country will vote candidates of their own country in internet.


After public vote, two performers from each country who get the most of votes will continue to the final competition. There will be altogether 10 finalists who are competing from the first NVM victory of all time!


The final competition will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on February 23rd 2019. There will be a panel of jury but the public will vote the winner!


Not only the winner will party, but also the public! After competition it’ll be a party night in the same place, Theatre Forum, where everyone can party with the winner and other fabulous competitors!


The event is age limitless, which means people from all ages  can participate in the competition. Please pay a note that under 18 years old must have a guardians permission to attend. If they will make it through to the final in Helsinki the guardian must come with them. Please pay also a note that party night’s age limit is 18 years.


The goal is to make NVM a new, biennially organized traditional event for the Nordic culture field. Every Nordic country will rotate hosting the NVM contest. That’s the way how strong Nordic culture traditions will continue through generations!


The first ever held NVM will be held in Finland 23.2.2019 which is organized by co-operative Ursa Minor. Coordinators of the event are Anne Sjöroos and Zagryda Sandholm. They will have a Nordic and Finnish workgroup working for the event.

The application process has finished. Thank you to all the applicants.


The final competition will be held in Helsinki, Finland 23.2.2019, and there the audience will pick from the

competitors the winner. Ticket sales have started! lippu.fi




Anne Sjöroos


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Producer assistant

Zagryda Sandholm



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