NVM Competition rules

This contract will be accepted in order to participate in the competition


  • You are eligible to apply to NVM if you live in a Nordic country or are from a Nordic country

  • NVM will provide a hotel accommodation from 22-24.2.2019 to the performers and for one guardian

  • The performers are responsible for their own travel expenses.

  • One group can have up to three performers

  • The performance can last from 3 to 7 minutes

  • The performance cannot be offensive.

  • The lyrics can't contain swear words, product names, political or sexist remarks.

  • In the performance use nordic sign language or international sign language or visual expression.

  • The performances will be recorded

  • Performers can't copy their rivals performances

  • The performers must attend the rehearsal (23.2.2018)

  • Performers must have the technical plans ready at the rehearsal. (Lights and music)

  • The video you will submit will be the song you will perform in the NVM final

  • Everybody is allowed to participate with a video in the competition, submit the video in the application

  • Everybody is allowed to vote their favourite video in the website www.nvm2019.com.

  • In the finale there will be two groups/performers from each country to perform live in Helsinki.

  • The competition is open for all ages. If a under 18 year old participates in the competition they must have their guardians permission. If they make it to the finals to Helsinki they must have their guardian with them

  • You can create your own song/performance or use a ready-made song

  • If you bring backup music bring it with you on a usb stick

  • If the performer uses a ready made song, they must inform NVM of all the songs information (name/performer/writer/composer)

  • If you use a ready made song you, it can be a real translation or a performers own artistic translation.

  • NVM is not responsible for the performers accidents or other damages. Please consult your travel insurance before coming to Helsinki



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